GORE-TEX®  Waterproof & breathable system



GORE-TEX® performance Comfort footwear is not only durably waterproof and breathable, it is also robust and hardwearing giving you maximum protection and comfort no matter how long and demanding the work.  It acts as a barrier against the cold and wet but allows moisture vapour (sweat) to evaporate out of the boot.  This maintains a consistent temperature inside the boot for a dry and comfortable feel. 

Why use it?

 With so many waterproof membranes on the market – how can you be sure GORE-TEX® is worth the investment.  The answer is in the testing lab.

Standard EN ISO 20345 requires only 1000 steps in shallow water and permits 3cm ingress of water.  In contrast the Gore lab simulates extended walking in the rain with 300,000 to 500,000 flex cycles corresponding to a walking distance of min 300km.

In the Gore crumple test, GORE-TEX® fabrics are squashed and stretched repeatedly in extreme temperatures for hours on end to test for leakage

In the Gore centrifugal test boots are filled with water, the centrifuge rotates with 240 turns per minute – enormous centrifugal forces press water out of the boot but not even the tiniest leak can get past the test.  At the Goliath factory 2% of the daily production must be tested for 30 minutes in the Gore centrifuge.



Testing at this level is reassurance that YDS GORE-TEX® boots will perform for an extended lifetime making GORE-TEX® the significantly stand out performance membrane.

Making quality footwear for true working conditions that may involve wind, rain, snow, ice as well as hazardous terrain means that YDS partners world leading technologies to make the best possible boots.




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