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Have you visited are YDS Vimeo page? You can check out all our latest videos and keep up to date with the latest products! Vimeo is a video sharing network site which allows users to upload videos, share and comment on them. We have a YDS page which anyone can look at and view our in-depth product videos.  To view our YDS page just click here.

Vimeo has the capability to upload larger size videos and short movies, that’s why it’s in competition with YouTube.  On the Vimeo site we have many different YDS products on offer to view ranging from the Zeus Fire boot to the Odin GTX Military boot, there is lots to view.  A typical video will be an in-depth explanation of that particular boot, the features and category of protection it meets, we also have a factory video and other interesting videos about YDS on there.

Below is a picture of what the layout of Vimeo looks like:


Vimeo is very easy to use and anyone who has not heard of the video sharing network site will be able to familiarise with it straight away and navigate with ease around the site.

Since February 2013 to  January 2014 the YDS Boots Vimeo channel has received over 45,000 video views, we want this to keep growing and for you to enjoy the videos. Feel free to comment and share them and hopefully this figure will keep on rising.

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