YDS Beat4Boots 


Compete amongst your friends and climb the leader board. Run 1.5 miles and post your time to the YDS Boots Facebook page. Watch your time stay at the top, beat your friends and run again when you’re losing the battle. Think you have got what it takes? Read more about how to enter this campaign to win with YDS Boots and spread the word with your friends!


Cadets for your chance to win a pair of YDS Eagle Military boots and a pack of High Performance socks follow the 4 bullet points below!


1. Download Mapmyfitness (Map My Run) for iPhone, android & blackberry off app store or any other downloadable method. (map my fitness is free of charge, however you may need to create a free account)


2. Run 1.5 miles and screenshot your time... Run whenever to wherever you want but always remember to be safe, safety always comes first!


3. Post your time onto our Facebook wall along with your squadron name and how you think you did. If you beat your friend tag them and have a little gloat... remember to keep it clean, good banter is the best!


4. The leader board will stack up – Don’t think you did your best? Try again and get your mates to join in!  The person with the quickest time wins when the closing date ends and walks away with their head held high! #YDSCHAMPION



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The Eagle Military boot is a lightweight full grain leather and CORDURA textile patrol boot with a dual density/PU rubber soling system.  The main benefit is the injection soling process used to make these boots.  It means that the bond between the upper and the sole is really strong and won’t come apart.  It makes them always reliable for action.


YDS Boots High Performance Socks work well with the Eagle Military boot. The socks are Dri release wool to wick away moisture.  The socks also have ventilated mesh panels for better breathability, Lycra for excellent comfort and fit and left and right specific – in case you get mixed up!



Terms and conditions apply*


*YDS Boots do not endorse or copyright Mapmyfitness. We are recommending the use of this type of platform to promote a campaign where cadets have to run and post to the YDS facebook wall.  Apps like this will enable the runner to access up to date information about their run including times, distance ran and calories burned. This competition/campaign is only open to cadets. The competition opens on 22/07/2014 and closes on 05/08/2014 - any posts to our faceboook wall will not be counted after this date. No bergen or specialist footwear is required for your run and please all make sure safety is paramount and comes first. The winner will be notified through Facebook and email, we are giving any participant a level of trust and therefore we expect honesty and good sportsmanship.  The decision of the competition winner will be made by YDS and is final.  There is no alternative cash prize.  For more information contact cadets@ydsboots.co.uk.