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Boot Name Occupation Comments

Serving UK Police Officer

 serving UK police officer



 Initiator 2.0

initiator 2.0

 UkPolice Officer 

They are extremely hard wearing, other boots I have worn often scuff and scratch around the toe cap area when kneeling on the floor restraining suspects, climbing walls or even getting in and out of the police vehicle but these haven’t scuffed at all. The boots look great and having been called to go to court I polished them up and they looked brilliant even after a few weeks use!The Boots are very comfy and have lots of padding which supports the wearer, this is a confidence boots when wearing them.They have kept my feet warm in the cold but at the same time my feet have been able to breath and not sweat, the waterproofing is a successful system.They have fantastic ankle support giving me confidence when restraining suspects and I don’t think I would ever stumble and cause and become injured because of the support and high grip traction of the sole.Everything I mentioned above this boot can provide for a police officer, the Initiator 2.0 boot is brilliant and I would recommend it to others.

 Chris LInesman



 Linewalker GTX

linewalker gtx


Operational Linesmen in the UK



I have worn these boots when patrolling overhead power lines and for general duties.  The boots are very comfortable and highly waterproof, as these have been worn in very wet conditions and haven't let me down.  I chose to remove the zip fastening tab as I preferred the support from been able to tie the boot tighter with the laces, I also felt this offered me more support on my ankles when walking on uneven surfaces. I have worn the boots whilst working on ladders and found them to be very comfortable and offered plenty of grip.  The sole appears to be hard wearing and offers plenty of traction in muddy and wet conditions.


Serving UK Police Officer 

 serving UK police officer

Control Public Order Boot


Control public order boot


 Uk Police Officer The major and important aspects for a PSU (Public sector boot) boot is comfort and safety and these boots can provide this. This public order boot offers protection from nails, glass and little bits of brick with its penetration resistant sole. It also has good group and feels comfy on the sole for when I have to stand hour on end when there are riots. The supported ankle protector is beneficial and supports me giving me confidence in the boots I am wearing.  With it being a public order boot and objects being thrown at police offers you would think it would easily tear or mark these boots but they have stood strong and don’t have many marks or scuffs on them at all. Good boot from YDS


Barnabas Matthews 



 Initiator 2.0


initiatoe 2.o

 Response/Traffic Officer

I have used the initiators for 2 weeks now and to be honest not had a vast amount of time outdoors in them yet but…..Straight out the box they were SUPER comfy, they look the part and also support from the ankle is beneficial.The boots are toasty warm and good to drive in, for me personally these are a much more suitable boot for what I’m doing. I have already had lots of people asking me about them and where I got them from and I have guided them into the YDS site because they are a decent pair of military boots. In my summary, they are: flexible, lightweight stylish and super comfy.

 Mario Rogina

Croatian Fire Chief Mario Rogina







Compartment Fire Behaviour Trainning Instructor

I have worn YDS boots for nearly 1 year now and never had any problems. I particulary like the soles of YDS boots because they are soft which means I can last all day in them, the protective cap is not irritating and the boots never leak water, everything is good! 


 John Duff

john duff







 Fire-Fighter Having previously had problems with water leaking inside my boots these are of much higher quality and now i get no leaks whilst wearing these YDS Fire Boots The loops are a good addition to the design and the boot has a good feeling about it.

Barnabas Matthews 



Odin GTX




Response/Traffic Officer The best thing about the Odin boot is they look great! The laces are extra strong and I like my boots tight which is a positive. These boots are very versatile and I have used these in many different environments from walking on a snowy mountain to polishing them up and using them in court. They are lighter than other boots worn and the ankle support is useful. This is a very strong boot and I like it a lot. 




Jonathan Ashton

Jonathan Ashton 






Fire-Fighter  The Boots are very comfortable and do not leak in water. The pull on loops are helpful and look the part, all round I like these boots and they provide support when needed, YDS have produced a good quality product here!






Powermax 2.0




Operational Linesmen in the UK

 I have been a linesman for over twenty years now and worn many different types of industry boots so hopefully I will be able to help anyone who is thinking of choosing the Powermax 2.0. On my job I could be patrolling lines in the Yorkshire dales or repairing broken poles and fallen conductors all over Yorkshire, so a versatile boot is always needed.  I have been wearing the Powermax 2.0 boot now day in day out for 6 weeks and I’m very pleased with it. I have been working in different conditions and mainly wet and soggy ones and I haven’t had any wet socks yet! The water proofing on the boots is very advanced and keeps out water.When patrolling lines the boots have offered great support around the ankles and on uneven surfaces. The sole has also offered great traction in muddy conditions and the extra heel support has benefited me when climbing poles. This boot is defiantly designed for my industry and I would recommend it to anyone because it is superior to many others out there in the market.