Cadets - Get your Paras’10 training wristband now!


In celebration of the sponsorship YDS Boots are giving away free ‘I’m training for paras’10’ wristbands to cadets.



CADETS to get hold of your wristband all you have to do is email with the number of wristbands required for your squadron or cadets unit location.


YDS Boots are delighted to become the title sponsor of the PARAS’10 endurance events which take place at military bases Colchester and Catterick during 2014. YDS Boots are Europe’s largest manufacturer of Police and Military footwear and are currently supplying the British Armed Forces.


YDS Boots wants to also encourage cadets to think about participating in the authentic military events, which consist of a 10 mile running race and a TAB race which must be run in military boots.


The wristband could be worn with pride when taking part in either event at Colchester on the 18th of May or at Catterick on August 31st. Participants can even enter both events and take part in the ‘double of trouble’ if they feel up to the challenge.



Steve Hall, Sales and Marketing Director of YDS says ‘PARAS’10 is an excellent fit for the YDS Boots brand, we are thrilled to be part of something that has such military authenticity. We hope more people will get to learn about what YDS Boots has to offer whilst we actively promote the PARAS’10 events’.


YDS Boots will be running a social media campaign in the run up to the PARAS’10 events where participants can enter competitions, see boot recommendations, get giveaways and receive other advice and tips about the events.


Follow us on twitter @YDSBootsuk to keep up to date with the Paras’10 events and what we are up to.


To enter visit: